APPLICATION FOR A GRENADIAN PASSPORT Please read the following instructions carefully before completing the form. HOW TO COMPLETE THE FORM All relevant sections must be completed by all applicants. The relationship. of name s. hereby give my consent for him/her to hold a passport. Signature. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION DECLARATION OF APPLICANT OR DECLARATION ON BEHALF OF CHILD UNDER THE AGE OF 16 YEARS WHERE APPLICABLE A I declare that the information given in the application is correct to the...
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Hello from British passports we created this video to help you complete your application form for a passport renewal we will go through the ten sections of the form together first of all make sure you have a black ink pen you must fill in the form in capital letters and stay within the white boxes minor mistakes can be crossed out but correction fluid is not permitted for bigger mistakes we would advise you to complete a new form on section one cross the renewal box you will receive a 32-page passport by default so if you'd like a 48-page passport cross the adequate box when completing section 2 make sure your name matches your birth marriage or nationality certificate if you have a middle name leave one box blank between your two names regarding your contact information you must only provide a UK address and a UK telephone number international contact information will not be accepted if you do not have enough space to write your name or contact details you can use section 8 to complete it please provide your passport number in the box regardless of whether it is still valid or has expired you are not required to complete section 4 for a renewal you must complete section 5 if you are a newly registered or naturalized citizen of the UK section 6 is not applicable for this type of application please leave section seven plank section eight can be used to complete part of the form you have not been able to finish due to a lack of space or to state the reason why you could not provide some of the required information in section 9 ensure your signature does not touch the borders of the box if you do so your application could be rejected once you've signed the form you can proceed with section 10 section 10 is only required for passport renewals when an applicant has significantly changed in appearance since their last application in this section you must ask your counter signatory to complete the information in his or her own handwriting before signing make sure the counter signatory knows he should not touch the borders of the box you must select your counter signatory carefully according to the criteria of Her Majesty's passport office he or she must be a UK passport holder have known you for at least two years and be or have been working in a recognized profession he or she must not be related to you by birth or by marriage and cannot be in a personal relationship with you for more information on who can qualify to be your counter signatory please visit our counter signatory information page we hope these guidelines have helped you with your application process if you have further questions about required documents or need help applying for a British passport urgently visit our website UK